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Bamberg tour for the blind and partially sighted

Check out the world heritage city with the help of a braille tactile book

On this extended stroll, you will see just how unique Bamberg is. In the historical ensemble embracing churches and monasteries, with bridges, narrow lanes and squares, half-timbered buildings and baroque facades, the magic of centuries past is still within your grasp.
Blind and visually impaired participants can actually feel some of the famous sights of Bamberg with the help of specially produced tactile books and can gain better insight into the buildings, their history and their appearance. The segmentation of the world heritage site with its three historic areas can be felt and discovered, also in different colours for the partially sighted. Explanations and descriptions are held in braille.

Number of participants:
Up to 25 per guide

Please note:

  • We are happy to arrange a barrier-free, accessible tour for you and your group, taking you only along even paths and to sights, that are easily accessible. Please ask for assistance and we'll plan your tour with you on an individual basis, the fee is the same as the general tour.
  • €45 for every additional hour
  • Please state the number of blind and partially sighted persons and accompanying persons within the group in your booking.
Date: January 1st, 2021 - December 31st, 2023
  Bookable in this period!
Duration: 2 hours
Infophone: 0951/2976-330
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105,- €
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