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Death by Fire and the Hammer of the Witches


"Innocent was I brought to prison, innocent was I martyred and innocent will I die!" This is the farewell letter by Johannes Junius, former mayor of Bamberg, to his daughter

In Bamberg's darkest days back in the 17th century, burning pyres, the "Hammer of the Witches" and distressing interrogations were the order of the day. The obsessive belief in witches stopped at no-one. Retrace the history of Bamberg's witch hunts.

Number of participants:
Up to 25 per guide

Please note:
Not suitable for children under 12.
Only bookable till 7pm

Date: January 1st, 2021 - December 31st, 2023
  Bookable in this period!
Duration: 1,5 hours
Infophone: 0951/2976-330
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120,- €
Price per guide in German language, additional fee for foreign languages: 10,- €
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