Franconia Two at a Time Bike Trail

From Beer to Wine - Franconias Double

The old "Ziesterzienser"-monastery in Ebrach

Two cultural centres of indulgence, both UNESCO world heritage sites, are on this bike trail. The trail begins in Würzburg, which is the Franconian capital of wine and boasts the Residence as a world heritage site. At the end of the trail you'll discover Bamberg, secret capital of beer with its old town as a world heritage site in its entity.

In between these two poles you will cycle from the River Main along the River Ebrach towards the River Regnitz. Apart from one ascent between Handthal and Ebrach, the trails follows a long slope towards Bamberg. 
The route is far from traffic following well marked paths and can be combined with the River Main Bike Trail for a longer trip. If you take it as it is, we'd recommend a 2-day tour for this trail.

Brief Information

Total length: 100 km