The World Heritage Visitor Centre


The World Heritage Visitor Centre provides an overview of the World Heritage site, including information about what it means to be a World Heritage site, what contributes to Bamberg’s significance as a UNESCO site. The Visitor Centre will not replicate a typical museum with an in-depth collection, but aims at raising interest in the cultural facets of the City of Bamberg and its historical and geographical parameters. It is intended to sensitize locals and visitors to the peculiarities of the place

The exhibition consists – like the old town of Bamberg – of three parts; one for each historic settlement centre. In a lively way, the exhibition provides information about the City on the Hills with its Domburg (former fortress of the Babenberg dukes), the Island District with its mills and private mansions and the Market Gardeners‘ District with its urban horticulture.

Building models illustrate medieval and baroque architecture. Audio stations, films and digital applications, a seed-wheel and an interactive model of the old town of Bamberg invite visitors to familiarize themselves with the site. Special places in the urban surroundings, which represent the outstanding universal value of Bamberg, are referenced in the exhibition to encourage exploring the site.


The admission is free.
Guided tours through the exhibition can be booked at

Opening hours

April till October
10:00AM till 06:00PM

November till March
11:00AM till 04:00PM


The World Heritage Visitor Centre can be reached by public transport via bus station Schranne (bus lines 901, 910, 912, 918 and 989). If you come by car the following parking facilities are available nearby.

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