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Bamberg itour APP - the audiovisual experience

Discover Bamberg at your fingertips!

This itour city tour with optional GPS guidance provides a comprehensive tour of Bamberg, downloaded onto your smartphone. Bamberg's history and stories are recounted in a colourful and interesting way.

It is the perfect answer for visitors whose schedules are too tight to attend a conventional guided tour or who prefer to discover the town on their own. The "iTour" tells stories about Bamberg, making full use of sound and sight: the digital tour takes you through the Old Town, revealing interesting and colourful information on important sights. Acoustic impressions and original everyday sounds bring the experience to life: Bamberg's market women chatting, samples of the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra's music, the peal of bells, organ music and Gregorian chants. The tour is complemented with many images of Bamberg.

4,49 €

Simply buy the tour in your iTune or google play store – and off you go…