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Travelling to Bamberg

Whether you travel by car, bike, rail or plane, the city is quick and easy to reach. The ICE high-speed rail link from Berlin - Nuremberg - Munich is a quick and comfortable way to travel to Bamberg.
If your train ticket has “Bamberg + City” printed on it, then you can travel on to your accommodation within Bamberg free of charge. Please retain your ticket for the full length of your journey.

Travelling by car is just as direct, as the A 73 Nuremberg-Bamberg motorway and the A 70 Main Valley motorway linking Schweinfurt with Bayreuth intersect just outside Bamberg.

Arriving by bike: 20 regional long distance cycling paths cross Bamberg and go right through the centre of Bamberg, enabling you to visit the world heritage city en route. One of them is the second most popular cycling route in Germany, the Main cycle path along the River Main. Also a great tour is the Regnitz cycle path following the course of the River Regnitz. And there’s many more to discover.

If you are in a hurry or travelling from afar, you can fly to one of the airports. Nuremberg airport is particularly convenient, being located just 70km away. In conjunction with a car or train, you can also use the large international airports in Munich (240km) and Frankfurt (230km). Small aircraft can land at Bamberg's airfield.

More enjoyable and contemplative is the arrival using a boat. Many river cruise ship guests come to Bamberg using the waterways, profiting from all the comfort that the modern cruise ships offer. But it is also possible to come with your own boat, using the Rivers Regnitz or Main.


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