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Bierkeller in und um Bamberg

In Bamberg and its vicinity the beer gardens are referred to as cellars, usually perched high on the hills or near rocky hills - in the summer months, these cellars become the favourite destination for those who love their beer.

In Bamberg the hills contain a network of centuries-old tunnels created when sand was extracted from the Middle Ages onwards. It was not long before the brewers discovered that these tunnels were ideal for storing and fermenting beer. Soon shady lime and chestnut trees were planted on top and the ground was covered with light gravel to keep the subterranean temperatures as low as possible. Then, it only seemed logical to drink the beer at source - marking the birth of the beer gardens "on" the cellars.

This explains why the people of Bamberg say they are going "on" rather than "into" the cellar, when they decide to meet friends for a delicious, thirst-quenching beer.

Bamberg county also boasts a myriad of beer cellars, in virtually every other village, many of which still serve the beer straight from the shaded cellars. They are ideal places for an outing or a relaxing break, also serving traditional fare and typical Brotzeit snacks.

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