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Bamberg Symphony Orchestra

The Bamberg Symphony Orchestra - which rose to the rank of a state orchestra in 2003 - is known for its virtuosity. It has been an institution in Bamberg's cultural life for more than 60 years and is "Bavaria's cultural diplomat" throughout the world.

Founded by former members of the German Philharmonic Orchestra in Prague and musicians from Carlsbad and Silesia, the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra soon earned itself a unique international reputation, appearing on international stages like no other German orchestra. The orchestra has been shaped and moulded by eminent conductors over the years, among them the founding conductor Joseph Keilberth and long-time head conductor Jonathan Nott from 2000 - 2016. Since 2016 the orchestra is lead by the young Czech conductor Jakub Hruša.
The orchestra's repertoire includes not only classical and romantic works but also contemporary creations. Since 2003 they are also the Bavarian State Philharmonic Orchestra, acting as "Bavaria's Cultural Ambassador in the World", performing in many renowned concert halls and music festivals all over the world. In their more than 70 year long history they've played a total of 7.000 concerts in more than 60 countries and 500 cities.

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