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Bamberg for film fans

Die drei Musketiere laufen durch das Tor des Alten Rathauses.Die drei Musketiere kämpfen in der Alten Hofhaltung.

Bamberg is undoubtedly a “big cinema”. Be it a Hollywood film, a streaming service series or a crime scene – Bamberg has already served as a backdrop for many productions

In the Hollywood production “The Three Musketeers” with Orlando Bloom and Christoph Waltz, Bamberg is transformed into 17th century Paris. In the hit film, the Regnitz takes on the role of the Parisian Seine and the three musketeers pass through the imposing gate of the Old Town Hall on the way to their home in Paris.

Die Kaiserin - Netflix Serie - Drehort Dom in Bamberg

The Old Court and the Cathedral Square, impressive due to their size, are not only the scene of the duel between D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers. In the Netflix series “The Empress”, none other than Empress Sisi is cheered by the common people after she married her Franz in the huge wedding church, the Bamberg Cathedral.

Die Verfilmung von "Sams" in Bamberg

The family film “Das Sams” is less stately, but more fun and colorful. The film adaptations of the books by Paul Maar, who lives in Bamberg, were all shot in the World Heritage city. In short: Sams and Mr. Taschenbier live in Bamberg. To be more precise, at Judenstraße 16, in the “Haus zum Einhorn”, which has now become a matter of course for Bambergers as “Sams-Haus”.

Dreharbeiten am Film "Die Schule der magischen Tiere 2"

It's not just Sams who lives in Bamberg, Ida and her talking fox Rabbat, the main characters from "The School of Magical Animals", have also lived in the World Heritage City since the second film adaptation of the popular children's book series - a stone's throw away from the Old Town Hall on Karolinenstrasse. In the film, Ida's mother's hair salon is located in the Senger art shop, Karolinenstraße 8.

A major cinema production was the number one topic of conversation throughout the city in 1973. It was the film adaptation of Erich Kästner's classic children's book "The Flying Classroom" with Joachim Fuchsberger and Bernd Herzsprung - today also a cinematic classic. Almost all scenes were filmed in Bamberg. The Bamberg Aufseesianum, then as now a boarding school, was the backdrop for the school building. The fight between secondary school students and high school students took place on a meadow that is now completely built on.

The list of films and series is long and gets longer every year. Crime scenes, crime novels, children's films - all of these productions have discovered Bamberg as a film set. This is undoubtedly enough material for a cinematic walk through the world heritage. Go on a search for clues and visit the filming locations of your favorite films.