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Fish specialities in the Bamberg region

Bamberg has always been a place renowned for its fish specialities, simply due to its location by the river. Even nowadays, there are still some fishermen at work, who catch their fish right in the middle of the river Regnitz, flowing through the old town, and sell their catch on the market.

The whole region has lots of different fish specialities on offer, many on a seasonal basis, from the various rivers and lakes of the area. Eel, pike, zander, trout, char, and carp are just some of the fish originating from here. The most popular among them is the carp, maybe also due to its limited season from October to April. The preparation of the fish for the various speciality dishes also varies greatly, from traditional to innovative. Come and taste for yourself!

Theses restaurants serve fish specialities and have a focus on fish on their menu: Suchfilter

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