Spezial Cellar

This beer cellar commands the most stunning view of Bamberg. By the way: The climb itself justifies the first mug of beer. There’s no better way to beat those hunger pangs than with light Franconian meals and hot meals such as country bratwurst with sauerkraut and bread, Schäuferla (tender pork shoulder), Ziebeleskäse (quark with onions), cold meat platters and bread, Franconian smoked char, beef with horseradish, seasonal Bamberg tomato salad and chanterelles in a fresh cream sauce.


Beers brewed by Brauerei Spezial, e.g. Rauchbier (smoked beer)

Vegetarian dishes

Other special features

Beer cellar has seating for 700 people


  • indoor seats: 80 Persons
  • outdoor seats: 500 Persons
  • Terrace
  • Beer garden
  • children's menu
  • Limited wheelchair accessibility

Opening hours


Days off: Monday

Spezial-Keller Bamberg
Sternwartstraße 8
96049 Bamberg
Tel.: +49 951/54887