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Balloon rides - Sky Adventure

Experience Bamberg and the countryside in a hot air balloon

What could be more extravagant and elegant than a ride in a hot air balloon? You’ll be excited to see the balloon fill up with air and set itself up like a gentle giant. Once in the air you’ll be greeted by a breath-taking panoramic view, that gets more impressive as you rise up into the air, metre by metre. The wind will take you along and you’ll enjoy brilliant views towards Bamberg and across the countryside with its hills, rivers, lakes, palaces and villages. An experience to remember! Pure indulgence!

Services included:
Together we will set up the balloon, the ride itself is between 60 and 90 minutes. You’ll experience a traditional balloonist’s christening with sparkling wine and a certificate, transfer back to the starting point, and high-angle group shot. HD-video on demand.

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From 249,- € per person, children 15 and under 199,- € per person.
Summer holiday special: Sunrise rides from 199,- € per person.

Opening hours

April till October
Monday till Friday: 9:00AM till 6:00PM
Saturday: 10:00AM till 2:00PM