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Bamberg Hop Garden


The old tradition of cultivating a range of aroma hops in Bamberg for the brewing trade is revived in Bamberg's first hops garden.
Bamberg’s market gardeners gave up growing hop about a century ago and concentrated on the cultivation of vegetables. In this family run gardening business, growing hops and rediscovering the many facets and aromas of this plant has turned into a passion for the Emmerling family, market gardeners for many generations.      
You can see the propagation by seed, the young plants and the cultivation of various sorts of hop plants. The show garden explains former techniques and modern methods for growing hop. Experience the various usages of hops, from the speciality beers to aroma cushion content.
To round things off, the garden centre has its own little brewery, experimenting especially with their own hops and special ingredients like herbs, lemon, ginger, or different berries. They also produce a fine hops whiskey and gin and other spirits.
There are guided tours of the hops garden, and beer tastings on offer.