Exterior view of the cathedral with the 'Gnadenpforte' (portal of grace)

St. Peter's and St. George's Imperial Cathedral is one of Emperor Heinrich II's legacies. It contains numerous impressive sights.

Emperor Heinrich II. had the Cathedral constructed in Bamberg as early as 1002 and it was completed in 1012 after a building period of just ten years. However, this house of worship fell victim to fire, as did its successor. The third construction which contains stylistic elements of the late romanesque and early gothic periods has survived to the present day. The highlights include the tomb of the holy imperial couple Kunigunde and Heinrich II., created by Tilmann Riemenschneider, the "Bamberg Horseman" who is shrouded in mystery, the altar by Veit Stoß and the papal tomb of Clemens II.

During the church service, organ concerts as well as other events which are approved by the Cathedral Administration, and on Ash Wednesday, from Holy Thursday till Holy Saturay, on the 29./30.06., 1./2.11. and 24./25./26.12., guided tours and explanations inside the Cathedral are not allowed. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays guided tours through the Cathedral are prohibited for groups, except if it is the tour of the Cathedral Administration. Please be quiet inside the building. For guided tours, which are made by a private tourguide, it is necessary to get permission from the Cathedral Administration, and a fee at 5,00€ has to be paid.

Opening hours

April till October
09:00AM till 06:00PM

November till March
09:00AM till 05:00PM

April to October 9.30am-6pm, November to March 9.30am-5pm; during the organ concerts the Cathedral is closed every Saturday from May to October from 12am to 12.45pm.

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