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City Hall Hallstadt

Together with its affiliated villages of Dörfleins, the city of Hallstadt has about 8,800 inhabitants. Hallstadt is situated in a beautiful landscape next to the world cultural heritage city of Bamberg, directly by the River Main and at the foot of the Kreuzberg Hill.

Culinary delights can be found in the customs and traditions of Hallstadt. The art of baking “hat doughnuts” has been passed on in Hallstadt for many generations. In the meantime, there are only a few people left, who can make these delicious yeast rolls and fry them in hot fat. In former times the hat doughnuts were distributed to relatives, neighbours and well-wishers on particularly festive occasions such as weddings or Holy Communions. Even today you can find the pastry at parish fairs or when there is a market.