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e.g.o.n / es geht ohne namen / Theatre group


e.g.o.n. is one of Bamberg's oldest amateur drama groups. Between one and three plays are enacted every year in different locations throughout town.

All the actors and background members of this drama group work for free. This passionate approach to theatre and drama enables the drama group e.g.o.n. - an acronym in German for "it works without a name - es geht ohne namen" - to offer all their plays without entrance fees. Thanks to this concept, e.g.o.n. opens the world of theatre and drama for people, who would normally be apprehensive in view of entrance fees. Those among the visitors who can afford to give a small donation can therefore support this idea and enjoy excellent, humorous and thoughtful theatre and civic engagement in one go.



e.g.o.n. - Theatergruppe des Immerhin
Judi Müller-Reichert
Dr.-v.-Schmitt-Straße 20
96052 Bamberg
Tel.: +49 951/2960640