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Franconian Switzerland: Towns & Countryside & Indulgence

Röthefels © Frank Schneider

Franconian Switzerland is a wonderful landscape and one of the oldest tourist regions in all of Germany. It nestles between a triangle made up of three historic towns: Nuremberg, Bayreuth, and Bamberg. It is towered over by 30 medieval castles and castle ruins and boasts a number of romantic valleys in the midst of a nature park

Its villages show the typical Franconian half-timber framework style of the houses that are surrounded by blooming orchards and meadows, conveying the Franconian way of life. The many caves – three of which can be visited - are also a distinctive asset unique to this region.
Thanks to its ups and downs of the landscape, Franconian Switzerland is a highly popular biking and hiking region with a myriad of paths and trails for all standards. Its countless bizarre rock formations make it a climber’s paradise as well and it is ranked among Europe’s most favoured climbing regions.
You’re in for some treats when you get to taste the specialities of Franconian cuisine wherever you go – horseradish meat platters, roast pork knuckles, trout, or the typical Franconian doughnuts to name but a few, not to forget the 69 family-run breweries producing a handcrafted beer, served fresh on tap.     

Steinerner Beutel © Florian TrykowskiBurg Rabeneck © Florian TrykowskiKlumpertal © Florian Trykowski