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Giechburg castle

Giechburg castle near Scheßlitz

Two historical buildings are important visitor attractions near the city of Schesslitz: Giechburg castle and the chapel of St. Pankratius on Guegel hill.

Driving by car from Bamberg to Bayreuth you will notice two historical buildings near the city of Schesslitz: Giechburg castle and the chapel on Guegel hill. First mentioned in 1125, Giechburg castle was in possession of Bamberg's prince-bishops since 1390. During wartimes it burned down several times, was rebuilt, destroyed again and rebuilt once more in 1600. In 1971 the administrative district of Bamberg bought Giechburg castle and restored it. Nowadays Giechburg castle is a popular excursion destination including a restaurant which offers a venue for meetings and cultural events. At an altitude of 520 metres you can enjoy a wonderful view across the region of Bamberg. Various art exhibitions take place in the donjon regularly.

Accessibility information

  • Bedingt rollstuhlgerecht
Der Zugang zur Burg ist teilweise mit Kopfsteinpflaster versehen und in Teilabschnitten steil. Der Zugang zur Gastronomie erfolgt aus dem Burghof ebenerdig und ist für Rollstuhlfahrer geeignet.


Free of charge

Opening hours

Visits without guided tours are possible throughout the year. For further information please contact 0049-9542-424 (Giechburg castle) or 0049-9542-1221 (chapel of St. Pankratius on Guegel hill)