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Information Centre on Michaelsberg Hill


Experience the history of Michaelsberg Hill, the famous church of St. Michael's, and the monastery itself. The Information Centre is the place to go, well worth the climb uphill, just inside the central court yard.

A model of Michaelsberg Hill with lots of different focal points to discover shows the Monastery grounds and the surrounding area. The Information Centre is also a good point to start walks and tours into the woods and fields in the vicinity and through the monastic gardens.

Don't let yourself be deterred from all the scaffolding - the Info Centre is just the place to learn more about the gigantic building and renovation project taking place here on top of Michaelsberg Hill, probably the most prominent eyecatcher in Bamberg's historic skyline. Pictures and artefacts of the inside of the former monastery church with its famous painted ceiling, the tomb of Saint Otto in a replica 1:1 model, and lots of displays on the life and times of the monks of St. Michael's can be experienced here. You can even get a sneak peek at the famous ceiling of the church with its hundreds of painted flowers and botanical wonders.

The ensuing café and museum shop welcomes you with a range of drinks and snacks and souvenirs from the Monastery and also the wine of Michaelsberg Hill.


Opening hours

April till 15. November
Monday and Tuesday, Thursday till Sunday: 10:00AM till 05:00PM



Informationszentrum am Michaelsberg
Michaelsberg 10
96049 Bamberg
Tel.: +49 951/87-2411
Fax +49 951/87-2420