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KASPAR SCHULZ Brewery Plant Manufacturer


In 1677 the coppersmith Christian Schulz married the widow of his former master and thus also took over the forge and started his own business in Bamberg, supplying brewpubs with “finely forged and hammered copper kettles as a guarantee for quality beer.” Over the next 330 and more years, Christian Schulz’s humble coppersmith business developed into a successful enterprise in the brewing technology field. Being expert coppersmiths and an institution within Bamberg’s society, Schulz was also appointed for instance with renowned assignments such as the complete renewal of the copper roof of Bamberg Cathedral’s four spires.

Now, 10 generations on, Schulz has become a trusted resource in brewing technology and a peerless consultant for a wide-reaching customer base both domestically and abroad. Producing semi or fully automated brewing facilities, including fermentation and maturation tanks, in the classic copper look or in a more modern stainless steel version, with innovative and scientifically sound technology, produced in Germany, and worldwide delivery and services, Schulz goes a long way to prove that high quality beer culture is still thriving today.