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Museum Kutz - Communications technology and history

Museum Kutz "Communication Technology and History"

The history of communication goes back 5000 years with the development of the spoken and later the written word. "Museum Kutz - Communications technology and history" documents this evolution.

The collection is devoted, among others, to the development of the spoken and written word, the alphabet and the invention and manufacture of paper. Printing technology, the making of books and cryptography, as used by the secret services, are also explained. The exhibition is rounded off with notation and braille as well as forms of wireless communication through to ESS and aerospace.


children under 6 free

Opening hours

Friday: 02:00PM till 05:00PM
Saturday: 10:00AM till 01:00PM

Guided tours by arrangement



Museum Kutz - Kommunikationstechnik und -Geschichte
Am Kranen 12a
96047 Bamberg
Tel.: +49 951/201782