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Museum of Franconian Switzerland

The Franconian Switzerland Museum

The Fränkische-Schweiz Museum (Franconian Switzerland Museum) in Tüchersfeld with its large collection of regional artefacts, is one of Franconians most notable museums

The museum exhibits important finds of former times. The building has been erected in the so-called Judenhof (Jewish Court) directly below two soaring rocks which are known worldwide as the most important trademark for Franconian Switzerland. Several collections show all aspects concerning the fascinating landscape “Franconian Switzerland” and provide insight into geology, archaeology and the regional historical development and offers a good impression of peasant’s craftsman’s’ life. Further exhibitions explain life in the area during the Middle Ages and the profound religious orientation of the people, both Catholic and Protestant.


Adults: 4 €; concession 3,50 €; children under 6 years free, groups on enquiry

Opening hours

April till October
10:00AM till 5:00PM

November till March
Sunday: 1:30PM till 5:00PM

Summer: Tue-So: 10am – 5pm | Winter: So: 1:30pm – 5pm