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Passion cribs


The Passion cribs, also known as the "earnest cribs" show Jesus' passion in the form of cribs during Lent. In the run-up to Easter these cribs depict scenes from Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, the passion of Christ, crucifixion, and resurrection.

In contrast to the classical Christmas cribs, the more austere passion cribs call for an intense involvement of the onlooker and are mostly focused on the key scene without the abundance of auxiliary scenes as with the Christmas cribs.

Matern Chapel in Bamberg: Exhibition of Passion Cribs with about 40 different scenes. ++will probably not be set up in 2022++

Church in Wildensorg: April 2nd to May 27th 2023

Museum of Christmas Cribs in Hirschaid: Easter Exhibition with easter eggs and passion cribs ++will unfortunately not be set up in 2022++

Tourist Information: Passion Crib March 23th - April 19th 2023