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"Pillar" by Micha Ullmann

© Micha Ullman 2007

Kaiser Heinrich II., who founded Bamberg in the year 1007, firmly believed, that his Rome of the North, his capital to be, marked the centre of his empire, the hub of the world. Up until the 18th century the Bamberg people designated this spot with a pillar – the Tattermannsäule -, which stood in the middle of Cathedral Square.
The artist Micha Ullmann created a work of art by placing a negative pillar on the assumed spot of the historic “hub of the world”: It is a hollow granite stone with a glass plate on top, imbedded in the cobble stone of Cathedral Square. It therefore does not interfere with the historical Cathedral Square and opens up a new perspective, as the sights of Cathedral Square are reflected in the glass of the art work and the spectator himself takes over the position of the historic Tattermann pillar.