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Wildlife park - Schloß Tambach

The WildPark Schloss Tambach is a combination of an animal park, falconry, castle and landscape park as well as a forest adventure trail with a wildcat trail. At 50 hectares, the park is spacious. The castle and WildPark have been privately owned by the Count of Ortenburg for over 200 years

Visitors experience European wild animal species from wolves, lynxes, elks, bison, various species of birds of prey to pond turtles, embedded in the English castle and landscape park with shady old trees, ponds and various viewing axes of the baroque castle. Depending on the season, you can expect a wide variety of flower flora, starting with the large daffodil blossoms of over 100,000.


  • Feeding shows and bird of prey flight demonstrations take place every day except Monday in high season.
  • We also offer special tours on individual animal species, on the topics of forests and climate.
  • Special events and children's birthdays round off our program.

Opening hours

2. March till November
8:00AM till 6:00PM

13. November till March
10:00AM till 5:00PM