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A Stone Groove

From Scheßlitz to the Hohe Metze and back through the foothills of the Alb

It's approximately 50 metres long and looks as if it were made by magic: the stone groove near Roschlaub is a truly unique natural monument.

Having been modelled by the sediments of the chalky water over the course of the past centuries, it amazes the hikers. At this point, the way up has already been worth its while thanks to the beautiful view from the Hohe Metze Hill down to the valley. Near the end of the tour there is another landmark, the Johanneskirche in Schweisdorf. Originally built near Oberhaid, it was sold to the village of Schweisdorf and rebuilt there in 1862.

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Brief Information

Total length: 17 km

Approximate time: 4 hours

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