Castle Road Bike Trail

Bamberg Section of the Castle Road Bike trail

Mentioned for the first time in 1109, it was used as a refuge castle at first, afterwards it became the bishop's residence. After its pillage in the 16th century it was rebuilt in the Romantic period. A vantage point offers a panoramic view of Bamberg and

The Castle Road is a very popular holiday route traversing 770 km from Mannheim in the west to Bayreuth in the east, via Nuremberg and Bamberg. You can take your bike to cover the length of the Castle Road, taking you from castle to castle, from palace to palace.

The section described here is the 56 km part in the region of Bamberg, integrating Franconian Switzerland, the world heritage city of Bamberg and the impressive valley of the River Main north of Bamberg. Typical villages and idyllic towns with lots of half timber framework houses going back to the middle ages and of course the medieval castles along the way take you on a time travel experience to many cultural highlights.

Sehenswertes in der Region
Aufseß: Schloss; Heiligenstadt: Schloss Greifenstein, historischer Marktplatz, Heroldsmühle; Litzendorf mit St. Wenzeslaus Kirche v. Johann Dientzenhofer, Fränkische Straße der Skulpturen, Schloss Seehof bei Memmelsdorf. Bamberg: Altstadt als Weltkulturerbe der UNESCO; Baunach mit historischem Stadtbild, Rattelsdorf mit historischem Marktplatz, Fachwerkensemble in Mürsbach, Seßlach mit mittelalterlichem Stadtkern, Coburg mit Veste und Altstadt, Kloster Banz und Basilika Vierzehnheiligen bei Lichtenfels.

Brief Information

Total length: 115 km

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