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St. Elisabeth

St. Elisabeth church

Stained-glass windows by Markus Lüpertz

Consecrated in 1354, St. Elisabeth was built to attend to the needs of the "Hospice of the Holy Spirit" in the Sand District of town. The choir still standing today goes back to 1400, the nave was errected in 1493. When the churches were closed in the age of secularisation, St. Elisabeth was used as a prison and workhouse. The renewal of its consecration took place in 1883.

The church is now a highlight for lovers of contemporary art, as the German artist Markus Lüpertz has designed and created eight stained-glass windows for the church, depicting the legend of Holy Elisabeth and the seven works of mercy. Lüpertz' art is already present in front of the church with his statue „Apoll“.

An historical way of the cross going back to 1503 begins at the church and takes visitors and pilgrims up St. Michael's hill to St. Getreu along the stations depicting scenes of Christ's Via Dolorosa. 


Opening hours

Monday till Sunday: 08:00AM till 06:00PM

From Thursday to Sunday 2 pm - 6 pm the church is completely open, so all the windows can be seen from inside. Outside of these times the church can only be entered up to a gate within.
The church is not open to the public during church services and events.