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Bamberg's smoke beer: An unusual beer

A dark colour and the smoky, almost spicy aroma of fire - these are the main characteristics of Bamberg's smoke beer. Whereas, in the past, many beers fell within this category, smoke beer has become something of a speciality.

According to legend, smoke beer was created completely by accident: during a fire in a brewery, the smoke is said to have billowed through the brewer's malt store. Because he could not afford to dispose of the malt, he used it to brew a beer that was unexpectedly popular. Indeed, many beers once ranked as smoke beers, simply because the open fire was the only possible method of drying the malt for most brewers. In Bamberg this traditionally pleasing delicacy is still brewed by two breweries and is served at the town's beer gardens. Those who find the taste of this beer a little strange at first, can place their trust in the following words of wisdom: "The second mug tastes better than the first and the third even better than the second."